Thank you for the book, it was delivered without problems. With this book, I've got something that I'll have to think about for a long time because it changes my whole life principles in which I was firmly convinced until now. I found even two more books from Mrs. White at the attic, Patriarchs and Prophets and Desire of Ages and I will study them carefully. Thanks again. J.K. Czech Republic

I wish you a nice day. I want to thank you for ordered book The Great Controversy . It came to me safely. I personally read each chapter through the net but the husband who was such a " Doubting Thomas ," he reads the original book , and finally we can talk about a lot of things . What I couldn't explain him enough, this amazing book explained instead of me. Once again, thank you very much for sending it. As my husband will finish reading, book will wander to our children and friends . You are doing the right thing . God with you. Z.D. Czech Republic

Hello, The book came undamaged, I've been reading and starting to understand. It's important to know these things . So I'd like to ask for two more books for childred to have them individually at home . They both have a girlfriend so I hope they will find common path and this book will explain  a lot of things they don't understand . So thank you once again. Sincerely, M. M. Czech Republic

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