Are you interested in the book The Great Controversy and would you like to participate in spreading of this book?

1) Financial support

The Great Controversy project can also be supported financially. Gifts are used to print books, leaflets and postage.

Euro account

Account number: 2101218964/2010

Czech Crown Account

Account number: 10071777/2010

For payment outside of the Czech Republic, please use IBAN



2) Do you have the time and know how to work with the internet?

Discuss with people in various Internet chat rooms , or even on Facebook . Offer them the book " The Great Controversy " for free , insert a link of our website ( to a discussion.

3) Do you own a website?

Put one of our banners there.

Banner book (copy and paste the code below to your web page, you can change banner size by parametr width="XXX" recommended size 160 - 300)

<!-- Great Controversy:banner book -->
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FullBanner 468x60 (copy and paste the code below to your web page)

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4 ) Order directly from your site

If you own a website and want the order to took place directly on your site, use our simple interface and insert the order form on your website. Orders of the book The Great Controversy will be implemented directly on your website . The order will come to us and we will distribute it for you. We then send the report how many books from your website was ordered.

Form for ordering books (copy and paste the code below to your web page)

<!-- Great-controversy:Orderform -->
<iframe frameborder="0" id="OrderIframe" src="" width="100%"></iframe>

<script type="text/javascript">
var eventMethod = window.addEventListener ? "addEventListener" : "attachEvent";
var eventer = window[eventMethod];
var messageEvent = eventMethod == "attachEvent" ? "onmessage" : "message";
eventer(messageEvent, function(e){
if (isNaN( return;
document.getElementById('OrderIframe').style.height = + 'px';
}, false);
<!-- Great-controversy:OrderForm -->

configuration of the form:

a) color of the order form: ( adjust the parameter "color " default: “color = 1" ) 1 - green, 2 – blue, 3 - Black , 4 - Red

b) The language of the order form ( adjust the parameter " lang " default: " lang = en " ) en - English, cs - Czech, sk - Slovak, de - German, Fr - French, Ru - Russian, Hu - Hungarian

c) picture of the book in the form: ( adjust the parameter "photo" default: " photo = 1" ) 1 - Photo Yes , 0 - photos no

d) your website: ( adjust the parameter "web " as the title of your website default: "web = your-website-en" )


Thank you for your cooperation!

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